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'What I love about Ani Crane is she continues to unearth a woman full of potential. Since I have met her nearly 15 years ago her desire to accomplish everything that she can is ever evolving and filled with ALIVENESS! As a friend she always shows up with moxy and panache. I admire you Ani Crane, you have the frehness of beginners mind. How refreshing. I love you'

Dr. Mo Pertik

'Ani Crane's 'How I Arrived Here' exposes a male reader to the fundamental truth that a woman's life journey can be just as complicated, trying and fulfilling as a man's. This  understanding is realized through the simple yet powerful process of walking a lifetime in her shoes. A delightful insight to the life of Gulfport's favorite Psychic.'

Peter Watkins

'I am grateful to have women like you in my life that I can learn from and look up to. It means so much to me'

Gabriela Milano

'One great life lesson I have learned from Ani Crane's book 'How I Arrived Here' is no matter what happens in life we must pick ourselves up and begin again. And another important lessonis to keep our sight on the things we want and to have the intention to make them happen. Wow!

Peggy Pennington 

'A heartfelt journey'

Gregory Smith